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CopperLicht 1.7 released

2013-11-20 07:59:52


CopperLicht is now available for download in version 1.7.
The major new change is that it now works also in Internet Explorer 11, which recently added WebGL support. Meaning WebGL now runs in all major browsers.

List of changes:

- Now also works with Internet Explorer 11
- Added support for the EMT_TRANSPARENT_ALPHA_CHANNEL_REF material
- Improved Collision Detection

Happy downloading :)

Registered User
2013-11-20 11:53:23

Did you not add draw3dLine ?

Registered User
2013-11-21 07:31:39

I am so happy that now copperlicht works on Internet Explorer 11, so thanks for the great work!
I have however encountered a problem, if I use FireFox or Chrome it looks fine but in Internet Explorer the intensity of the light is way too strong (incidentally it is the opposite for the Android target from CopperCube), so much so that one can't tell what color most items are as they are washed out.

Why is the way light intensity is calculated for IE11 so different? Is there an easy solution?


2013-11-21 07:40:21

@tito100: No, sorry, no draw3dline for now :/

@schizzomarino: Yes, this appears to be a bug in IE11. There are a few, and I worked around them as good as possible, but it's not possible to clear them out 100%. I reported the bug already to Microsoft, and I hope they will repair it soon.

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