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Registered User
2014-04-20 22:11:28


i have download the tial verison of website painter but i alredy haved a problem.

i have insert html box for put it inside a code for rollover buttons.

the first it work well
but if i add another html box in the page ( aslo with same code ) that will not visible.....why?? look like code have conflict with previous code..... but html box are not a indipendent???? how i can resolve it?

2014-04-21 06:50:44

They are independent, but of course, it depends on what kind of code you paste into there. Probably the code you are using is not independent?

To be able to help you further, you might want to post the code you are using :)

Registered User
2014-04-22 01:03:22

mm maybe u right, sorry im newby like code, its for that i valuting for buy website painter.

i using google site for make my website, and that king problem dont exist
becouse the same html box with same code inside my google site are totaly indipendent of the rest of contents-

i can send u the code its pretty short, u can see it quikly where is wrong this is the code:

Registered User
2014-04-22 01:05:16

i cant parte the code here, forum believe its a spam....i can send you in private?

otherwise the problem start when i try align the content of html box centred. i using that code:

div align="center"/div>

the content will be centred but other html box will be influenced....

how i can fix that problem? i need align the result inside html bot without influence other htlm box?

2014-04-23 06:24:40

Sure, just send it, my mail adress is printed under Support -> Contact.

About centered: Maybe you forgot to close that div again? The code you posted is incomplete, so maybe that's it.

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