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Creating Table on Web page
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Registered User
2014-05-04 19:13:29

I have been creating tables on a WP page, using tables created in Excel.
Once I have the formatted table in Excel, I use the "Save As Web Page" option, selecting only the cells I want displayed.

Since Website Painter doesn't allow "cut and paste" from Excel (which would be AWESOME), I the open up the Excel html document using Safari, then use the Show Page Source option.

I copy the html code from Safari, and paste it into an HTML code box on my WP page.

This works "reasonably" well, however it seems that the formatting is never accurately copied over, even though I copy the complete source from Safari.

Sometimes its the background colours of cells that are changes, sometimes the cell alignment, sometimes both - sometimes none!

Can anyone help me with this. I really don't know html code well at all (I am a 54 year old trying to maintain a golf club website - which the WP software is otherwise fantastic for!).

Many thanks in advance!

Registered User
2014-05-05 05:53:20

I think the easiest way to do this is to use your exported .html website from Excel, and include it in your website on websitepainter using an IFrame. (It's an element to select on the right, you only need to specify the file in there) Then it should look exactly as you want it.

For your approach by using copy and paste and an HTML element: It might not look exactly like the original because you might have forgotten to paste something, like some css styles from the header maybe.

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