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LOD system

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2014-06-06 17:32:36

I've just spent a couple of weeks comparing Babylon, X3DOM, ThreeJs and CopperLicht, looking at available demos and going through the APIs.

I would say CopperLicht is way out in front at the moment. A big plus is the sure footed terrain following over an irregular mesh and the navigation is so smooth.

The best demo was Endtime. It seems you can walk for ever and fresh terrain is served up smoothly.

The only API which documented a LOD system was X3DOM. But the Endtime demo did seem to have one. So my question is how is it done in Copperlicht ? This is a big deal for me as I have some heavy content using 4 LOD levels.

Thanks in advance for any info.

2014-06-07 05:37:00


nice that you like it. There is no LOD system built-in, and even in endtime doesn't have one. Maybe some compression artifact in that video made it look like one?
However, with a bit of programming, it should be possible to add LOD to the engine yourself. Just create an own scene node to draw one of your 4 meshes depending on the distance to the camera.

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