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Detecting nearby Nodes

Registered User
2014-09-01 14:22:06

I'm trying to find out when a SceneNode falls inside the radius of another SceneNode. I'm using the following methods from the API

var handleProximity = function(){
console.log('now near your scene node!');

var animator = new CL3D.AnimatorOnProximity(_this._scene, 5000, 'PlayerMesh', handleProximity, true);


but when the "mesh" and PlayerMesh are right next to eachother the HandleProximity function is not called. I've checked the names, ids and everything, but it's not working correctly, the callback function is never called.

_this._scene = _this._engine.getScene();

Any ideas?

2014-09-01 19:40:13

you also asked this via mail, I just answered you. But here again, maybe someone else might have the same problem:

Maybe it is because you set the last parameter to 'true', which means that it triggers when you leave the radius again. BTW, 5000 is usually a pretty big radius, so maybe that's why?

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