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CopperLicht 1.8 released

2014-10-08 09:24:39

CopperLicht is now available in version 1.8, get it here:

New is the following:

- Implemented compatibility with CopperCube 5 (added support for terrain rendering, video playback, etc)

- Added animation blending support. Use AnimatedMeshSceneNode::setAnimationBlending() for this.

- Added directional light support. Use CL3D.Light::IsDirectional for this.

- Compatibility with iOS 8 - CopperLicht should now work on this as well

- Touch aware browser support improved: Touch-End event wasn't recognized by some browsers sometimes

- Debug texts and error texts are now in in a separate CSS class named 'cldebug', so you can easily hide this on your website.

- There is now a new class CL3D.BoundingBoxTriangleSelector for doing collision detection based on a simplified bounding box around the object

- Fixed bug in proximity animtor which caused it not to work when not created from the editor

- Various small API enhancements:
- OctTreeTriangleSelector and MeshTriangleSelector have a new parameter in the contstructor in order to let them ignore a specific material type for collision
- Box3d has a new method isEmpty()

- There is a new built-in material, named EMT_SOLID_VERTEX_ALPHA_TWO_TEXTURE_BLEND:
A solid material, blends based on vertex alpha between the two set textures. Used for terrain rendering.

- Fixed a bug causing MeshBuffer::clone() not to create a real copy of a mesh buffer

- Lots of documentation improvements

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