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irrklang::ISound::setPosition() performance lack

Registered User
2014-11-07 08:34:27


In the process of profiling my game application, I found that the function call irrklang::ISound::setPosition() leads to a significant reduction in performance.
After a series of experiments, I found that the decrease in performance occurs in the following situation:
- created a few sounds
- none of the sounds is not running on the play
- for each 3D sound setPosition() is called for each frame

Very Sleepy profiler indicates that the function irrklang::ISound::setPosition() calls irrKlang::createAudioRecorderDeviceList() function in this case.

After some sound played, reduction in performance is disappears.

Is it possible to fix this?


P.S. irrKlang version is 1.5.0

2014-11-07 15:05:28

The profiler obviously shows something wrongly, because the implementation of that function is this:

void CIrrKlangSound::setPosition(vec3df position)
SYNCHRONIZE_WITH_SOUND_ENGINE(;) // this does a thread lock
Position = position;

That is all. Nothing special in that function. It could be that there is a performance drop somewhere, but I think your profiler shows something wrongly.

Registered User
2014-11-08 14:00:09

Thank you for your response.
I'll keep that in mind and try to understand in more detail what is happening.

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