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switching output devices

Registered User
2014-11-21 16:37:12

I am having difficulty switching a sound that is playing from one output device to another. My general technique is to pause the sound, capture the play position, re-instantiate the sound engine to the new output device, then set play position and resume playing. But the sound replays from the beginning in the new output device. Is there any example code that addresses this issue? I can, of course, provide code snippets if needed. PS: I am working in C Sharp..


2014-11-22 06:19:49

Hm, from what you describe, this should work. How are you setting the play position? Maybe you are using a sound type which doesn't support setting the play position?

It might help to start the sound by calling play2D(...) with the flag for starting to play paused to 'true', then setting the play position, and then unpausing. If it doesn't work, then try starting to play the sound with 0 volume, wait a bit and then setting the play position.

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