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IAudioRecorder without an ISoundEngine

Registered User
2015-01-23 14:06:16

I know IAudioRecorder is still a beta feature, so this is just a suggestion (unless it's possible already and I'm just missing something).

As far as I can tell, there's no way to create an IAudioRecorder without first having a valid ISoundEngine.

createIrrKlangAudioRecorder() takes a non-optional ISoundEngine* as its first parameter, and passing in nullptr makes it fail (returns a nullptr instead of a valid IAudioRecorder).

This doesn't really make sense since there are plenty of scenarios where you just want to record without playing back the recording right away, at least not to the same user on the same machine.

You might want to just save to a file (and perhaps play that, but that has nothing to do with the recorder at that point). Or you might want to send it over the network to another machine. Or you might just want to peek at the PCM data to display a volume meter to the user. Etc...

In most cases you can work around this by creating a dummy ISoundEngine that never actually gets used. But that's not very ideal. And what happens if you're in a scenario where you only have microphone(s) available and the machine has no valid/enabled playback devices?

Long story short:
It should be possible to create an IAudioRecorder without having an ISoundEngine.

2015-01-24 09:39:58

Well, you could just create an ISoundEngine by using the paramter ESOD_NULL , then nothing is actually created for playback. That would be an option, wouldn't it?

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