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Possibility for non-realtime audio?

Registered User
2015-02-16 14:10:06

Is it possible to play audio using irrKlang faster or slower while still retaining the same pitch like the normal play speed?
I'm trying to render a video and I want to output the audio at the same speed. (the speed of the rendering process depends on the pc it's running on).

I'm currently using the OnAudioDataReady() callback to get the audio from irrKlang while it's playing but when the video is playing faster or slower because of the rendering which isn't locked to a certain framerate the sound might be faster or slower.

So, like in the original question, is there a possibility that, for example, if the video is rendering at 50fps at a certain point, the audio could be changed to the same speed as well? This so that both channels would still be aligned.

Thanks in advance!

Registered User
2015-02-17 04:55:42

AFAIK, this is not possible.

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