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Using setMixedDataOutputReceiver() losing data

Registered User
2015-02-17 12:07:39

I'm using setMixedDataOutputReceiver() to get the full mix of the audio that is playing in my application.

For some reason the first couple of seconds of the audio I'm trying to record are missing (~6 seconds). I have no idea why this is happening because I start registering at the same time (even a little before) the start of the audio I want.

Is there any reason for such a delay or loss of data?

2015-02-18 05:36:45

Because of latency, a bit of the audio might be missing in the beginning, but 6 seconds is more than usual. It should be a very short amount of time. Are you sure it is that long?

Registered User
2015-02-18 09:08:36

Yes, it was that long. It's weird why it did that. I think it's solved now though. One of the things was that the audio was played faster than I wanted to but I slowed it down and it seems to be ok now (not completely in sync but still).

If it were those actual 6 seconds it was probably because of something I did wrong in another part of my program.

The audio I'm recording using this callback is playing faster than the normal speed (I need to get it as fast as possible) but that's also why it played faster after the file was saved

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