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Can't Change Texture When Loading A Compile CCBJS
Author Text

Registered User
2015-05-22 17:57:07

I'm loading the engine from a CCBJS file, created by a colleague:

var engine = startCopperLichtFromFile('3darea', '../coppercube/test.ccbjs');

I am able to successfully get the mesh node from the scene, but the texture in the WebGL view does not change:

engine.ingComplete = function()
var scene = engine.getScene();

sceneBillboard = scene.getSceneNodeFromName('myObject'); //type is MeshSceneNode

sceneBillboard.getMaterial(0).Tex1 = engine.getTextureManager().getTexture('../path/to/myTexture.png', true);


I'm also trying to update the texture at every frame of a video feed, and I notice that inside of my draw loop, the texture I assign is getting reset:

// runs every frame of the web cam video
function processFrame(){

console.log( window.sceneBillboard.getMaterial(0).Tex1.Name ); // "theOriginalTextureSetInCopperCube.png"

sceneBillboard.getMaterial(0).Tex1 = engine.getTextureManager().getTexture('../path/to/myTexture.png', true);

console.log( window.sceneBillboard.getMaterial(0).Tex1.Name ); // "myTexture.png"

} // end of loop

2015-05-23 05:30:22

Maybe you have some animation or behavior which is setting the texture or material back somewhere else? Otherwise, your code should work.

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