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Using ISoundStopEventReceiver in .NET version of IrrKlang

Registered User
2015-08-18 17:37:55

Hello, first of all - your audio engine is great and really easy to work with. Now I have 2 questions. I am a bit new to CSharp, still in process of learning it, so I can't quite get how to use this really useful option of IrrKlang library: ISoundStopEventReceiver. I would like to see one simple example where I could see that in action. For example, I've created a sound
 ISound playsound = play2d("somefile.wav",false,false,false) 

Now I need to use the stop event - when it stops I'd like to do something else - load another file, etc... I am using CSharp with Windows Forms - so I would really appreciate some help.

Another question is : are you planning on implementing ASIO support ? That would be great and many other pro-audio users would maybe use the library in that case.

Thanx in advance for your answers...

Registered User
2015-08-27 05:19:37

It's easier to simply test if the sound has been finished from time to time, using .IsFinished. If you are new to CSharp, I'd suggest you use that one instead.

2015-09-01 15:45:38

Well thanks, I am not all that new - I mean, that's not an elegant solution and that is how I do it now. I was hoping that I could use more "elegant" solution to it.

Registered User
2015-09-02 13:19:15

Ok is there anyone willing to help me out with this ? I can't spam-check every 100ms or so to see if the song has ended.. It's just wrong way to do it and it makes my app somewhat laggish. If you can do a simple example where I could see how to use the stop event, I would be very grateful...

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