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irrFuscator Terminal Commands

Registered User
2015-09-25 08:29:17


I am have rails command to compile and build my flash application, how can i use the irrfuscator so that it should work along with my build commands.

To be more precise:

1. I am using Mac OS X
2. I am using rails, rake commands to compile and build my flex based application, Using Flash Builder.
3. I am directly uploading the swf on the server, so i want commands to use so that i should not manually download the swf from server for obfuscation and then obfuscate it using irrfascator and upload again.

Please let me know what best approach canbe used for it?


Registered User
2015-09-25 09:29:10

The commands are listed in the manual, I think something like

./irrfuscator yourgame.swf yourgameobf.swf 

will do that.

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