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Copperlicht 1.9 Example Errors
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Registered User
2015-09-29 05:00:48


I'm reporting these issues, probably it's just my setup but when trying out Copperlicht examples, I'm getting this errors in Chrome latest and Firefox

Example 2
Uncaught TypeError: engine.handleKeyDown is not a function

Example 3, 4, 5
Uncaught TypeError: CL3D.SceneNode is not a function

Example 6
The space key (shoot) doesn't work and the mouse look makes also movement, is that suppose to happen?

Example 7
Scene loads with Soldier Animation, but the keys are not working (Clone and Shoot)


2015-09-29 18:29:35

Thanks for the bug report, I'll have a look at that, sound strange. There will be a CopperLicht update anyway (likely this week already), so this will likely be fixed by then, if this actually is a bug.

2015-09-30 09:31:13

Update: Yes, you are right, the problem is that in the tutorial examples in the downloadable SDK, the copied copperlicht.js file is the minificated one, without function names, that's why the demos there don't work. Will be fixed with the CopperLicht 1.10 update today. You can just copy the copperlicht.js file from the root directory into the tutorial demo folder, to correct this yourself, if you like. Or use the tutorials on this website instead.

Registered User
2015-10-01 02:10:04

No worries, I'm glad to be able to contribute in some way, at least in bug reporting in this case

anyway, this is great and I thought it was just my setup. Downloading the new version now, thanks!

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