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CopperLicht 1.10 released
Author Text

2015-09-30 11:18:47


CopperLicht 1.10 has been released, new features are:

- Added support for fog rendering. Just enable fog for the scene by calling scene.setFog(true);
You can set fog color and density also with this function, for example by scene.setFog(true, CL3D.createColor(1, 100, 100, 100), 0.1);

- Added support for loading additional files as scenes during runtime on-the-fly: The CopperLicht::load() function now has two additional (optional) parameters:
* importIntoExistingDocument: if set to true, this will load all scenes into the existing document. It won't replace the current loaded data with the data from that file, but append it. This means that the scenes in the .ccbjs file will be added to the list of existing scenes, instead of replacing them.
* functionToCallWhenLoaded (optional) a function to call when the file has been loaded

- Compatbility with CopperCube 5.3

- Added support for touch pinch gesture detection.
Events like this will get sent to the event system as "mouse wheel events"

- The file loader interface now has the possibility of supplying a callback to be called when the data communcation with the server failed

- Fixed bug in collision detection tutorial causing collision not to work anymore.

- Fixed problem causing animated meshes could get corrupted when additional scenes are loaded manually later during runtime.

- Fixed a bug causing cloning of floating point colors to cause problems sometimes

- Fixed a bug causing objects with collision turned on to 'pop' their position sometimes in rare circumstances

Get it here:

Registered User
2015-10-01 02:07:05

awesome! Congrats on these release Niko. definitely will check it out

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