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Clone MeshSceneNode
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2016-03-02 17:40:41

I want to create a clone of a MeshSceneNode, by using the createClone-method.
var newNode = oldNode.createClone(scene.getRootSceneNode());

I get a new node that displays the cloned object - so far so good. What's missing is the Selector (it's null) in the cloned node.
Is this a bug?
Is there a way to clone only the Selector?

PS: I noticed a little bug: a new created/cloned MeshSceneNode has the property ReadOnlyMaterials, but the property ReadonlyMaterials (with a small o) is used in the whole other program. (meshscenenode.js, ln. 17)

2016-03-03 15:36:25

Hm, no, selectors aren't cloned for now. This was originally by design, but, yes, this doesn't make much sense, you are right.
About readonlymaterials: Thanks! This is a relict of an older version of the API, and I think it isn't used anyway anymore.

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