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1024 very simple Meshes in Smartphone Browser possible?
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Registered User
2016-03-13 14:53:17

Hey Community,

Our idea is to create a 3D Browsergame and there arises the question about performance on Smartphones. We are not yet sure if we want to use CopperLicht, but as far as i found out, it seems to be very good, lightweight and stable.

We are planning to use 512 simple planes for a Map. Every Plane has the ability to contain other LowPoly objects (8 - max. 500 Verticies) with few small (or even no) textures. Is there any reference about CopperLicht performance for Smartphones?

I need to know how many verticies a Smartphone can handle with the engine. Maybe i need to lower the Mapsize to 256 but lowering the size even more would be contraproductive.

Is there a way to create duplicated-meshes to get more FPS?

Thanks for reading!

2016-03-14 07:53:24

If you use the same IMesh (and thus IMeshBuffer) objects, then nothing is duplicated, and your memory usage is kept low. Meaning also no duplicated 3d buffer objects and less work for the garbage collector -> more performance.

For exact performance, you will have to run your own tests, there is nothing which can be said about general performance. Also, because phone developers always improve their browsers with each update.

But usually, CopperLicht seems to work quite nicely, also on phones and tablets, from what I hear.

Registered User
2016-03-14 14:48:54

Thanks for your help niko! IMesh - Instanced Mesh.
That was the Word i was looking for.

I found detailed Statistics about WebGL. Maybe it helps other Devs with their decisions too.

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