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CC supports direct import for animated md2 models
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2016-03-13 16:58:25

I have recently found that coppercube also supports import of animated md2 models in the editor directly ...

But this extension is missing in coppercube editor animated mesh import window..
Only b3d,ms3d and X formats are there to import...

@Niko, as coppercube is able to import md2 models directly in a scene ,add this extension to import list too.


edited: md2 files works in the editor perfectly but doesnot work while testing the app or during gameplay... so no need to add this untill it is fully working with coppercibe..

2016-03-14 07:56:08

Yes, those files can be imported if you force it, but they won't work in the final app. And they likely aren't stored in the .cbb file either.

2016-03-15 04:33:28

hmmm.. irrlicht is able to use those formats... that is why I thought if coppercube can also import those formats, as its base is irrlicht engine..

anyway is there something planned to add functionality of importing these formats in coppercube in future..

Registered User
2022-10-06 03:41:06

It would be cool if this could be looked at again. There are ton of old md2s from the old GameStudio available on the web.

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