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Can Painter be easily used to create a blog?
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Registered User
2016-06-08 06:37:54

I'm interested an a fairly simple example that lists blog entries in sort of a table of contents as I intend to use my blog for telling stories.

Alternatively, is there a way to create an automatic table of contents, or does this need to be done by use of a menu or navigation system?

Thank you for any advice you can provide.


Registered User
2016-06-08 09:32:18

There is the table element, can you use that one? Otherwise, just put the text you want to have directly on the site.

I think you can only create an automatic table of content if you program it yourself, using for example PHP.

Registered User
2016-06-09 01:34:29

Hi Erik,

Thanks. PHP is beyond my capabilities. I was hoping something might be built in.

Someone on another site suggested i look for a CMS that my hosting service might supply (such as Joomla or Drupal) but even those looked intimidating.

Registered User
2016-06-14 16:18:50

Yeah it's actually quite easy and relatively simple to get started. I would learn PHP though given the opportunity, it's not as difficult or as intimidating as it initially looks.

I work as an escort and I can use it okay, which is saying something because I'm not particularly smart. =3

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