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Auto export of PDF files into the wsp_images folder
Author Text

Registered User
2016-08-22 18:23:17

Hi, hope you can help

I am currently on ver 3.1

When I use either option "Preview" or "Publish to local disk" all relevent images, in jpg or png format, are correctly exported to the wsp_images folder. However, relevent pdf files are not exported to the wsp_images folder.

I have been linking these pdf files to the webpages using option "Insert or edit hyperlink...". Selecting the link option of "File from the disk".

I have been using WebsitePainter in the development of this website for a number of years now so the original wspd file is pre version 3.1

Is there a bug or is this 'user error' on my part.

At the moment I am using a workaround of creating the hyperlinks, then publishing to the local disk, then manually exporting the pdf files into the wsp_images folder.

Many thanks for your help.

Registered User
2016-09-05 12:49:33


I have now done some more testing (on version 3.1)

1 - Opened a file that was originally created pre version 3.0 This file had pre-existing hyperlinks to PDFs.
2 - Created a new hyperlink to a PDF file.
3 - Published the wspd file to a local disk
4 - Activated the (pre version 3.0) hyperlink......... Result - PDF file not found and displayed
5 - Activated the (post version 3.0) hyperlink........ Result - PDF file WAS found and displayed

Hope this helps

2016-09-05 15:34:27

Hm, that's strange, sounds like a bug. Are you using the version from the Mac App Store or from our website? If you are using the Mac App Store version, this could be because of the sandboxed environment. Try the version from our website instead, this will probably work bette for you then.

Will have a look into this, and see what I can do, thanks for reporting. Until an update, you'll have to live with the workaround, unfortunately.

Registered User
2016-09-05 17:18:15

Hi Niko

Thanks for the reply.

I have been using the Mac Apps Store version of WSP.

2016-09-06 14:56:18

Ah, then this might be the problem. Try the one from our website, it doesn't use the sandbox. If this fixes it for you, contact me, I 'll send you a license key.

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