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Another 3D sound question...

Registered User
2017-01-17 16:43:36

I am using irrKlang for a while now for my little CSharp projects, and now I wanted to expand my player's functionality to use front and rear speakers as separate channels for outboard mixer. Now the problem is this:

If I play a stereo file with the Play3D function, only the source's left audio channel is actually playing ? I have used an audio where a narrator says "left" on the left channel and "right' on the right channel. I simply never hear "right" even using the embedded example code in the download package (3D sound) Only mono source is panned through the 3D space. Is this the intended behavior, or just a bug ?

To clarify - I can pan sound just fine in 3D, I hear it on all my speakers, except I hear only the LEFT audio channel of my file. Is that how it should work ?

Registered User
2017-01-18 21:08:27

Also while at it...
Is it somehow possible to access the specific speakers in the 3D surround other than driving the sound through the position vectors ? For example - play the sound only on front 2 speakers pair, only on rear 2 speakers pair etc... and if not, will there be an improvement for in some future versions ?

I really like IrrKlang over some other sound libs, I have finally mastered most of the aspects it provides and it's good for what I am using it for. No fuss, no hassle... Just plain and simple C code I have to deal with.

Registered User
2017-01-19 08:54:41

You don't get stereo at 3D. Stereo is a 2D feature. For playing back in 3D, stereo is converted to mono, AFAIK.

Registered User
2017-01-19 23:24:59

Yeah, makes sense as you position a single source into a 3D space. Just wanted to be sure I am not making any mistake in my positioning routines. So - no way to use just the front pair for the stereo playback, I guess...
Thx for the info.

2017-01-20 09:15:38

Yes, that's how it works, sorry :)

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