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Integrating lists in RC
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Registered User
2017-06-12 13:32:40

Dear rocket users,

perhaps you can help me making lists in rocket cake (RC) with same style as the surrounding context.
Makings lists seems to be a work for HTML-enthusiasts. For example this easy list:

Text start
- Tool 1
- Tool 2
Text end

must be solved In RC with separate HTML:
Text start
............ <HTML>
Text end

The HTML-code is like this:
....<p> <ul type="square">
........<li><a>Tool 1</a></li>
........<li><a>Tool 2</a></li>
....</ul> </p>

But with RC the result is not whats expected. The text in the list is always displayed in textstyles of <a> element (violet, smaller text high, other font-family). That looks very unsightly matching to the remaining text.
Has someone a useful solution to implement lists with same style as the surrounding text?

--- I had only this meanly solution: -------
In RC-source code the "<a>"-element has a style defined in "profil.html.css". Eg: Line 2: a: visited { color:5D5D9E; } (<=kind of violet)
My only solution is to over-define the CSS-Infos in HTML-code itself.
....<p><ul type="square"> <font size="2" face="Arial,MS Sans Serif">
........<li><a style="color:black;">Tool 1</a></li>
........<li><a style="color:black;">Tool 2</a></li>
....</font> </ul></p>
But this is very inflexible and extensive, e.g. when changing text size in responsive behaviors.

Perhaps its possible to localy redefine the automatic generated CSS-definition of the <a>-element in lists like a { font-size: 2em; color: black; font-family: Arial, sans-serif;}
But how and where? And then how to consider responsiveness without extending in @media-features?

Thanks in advance for helpful replys

2017-06-13 07:48:17

Using the menu View -> HTML Code of the page -> Additional CSS styles, there you could enter your own css definition of this specific element.

An alternative would probably to create 'fake' lists, using the bullet symbol, like this:

&9679; entry 1
&9679; entry 2
&9679; entry 3

There is no list above, it is just text and the bullet unicode symbol. (Update: ok, this forum doesn't show this correctly. But you can put bullets in RocketCake by right-clicking, "Insert Text Symbol" -> "Bullet", that works)

Registered User
2017-06-13 15:58:44

Hello niko,

thanks for your reply.
I've tried your first suggestion about CSS-style. Added CSS like html_541d6bc3 {font-size:12pt; ...} will be integrated in the source, but it did not effect anything. That might have several reasons. But I can't find any help infos to these program points so it would finally be a experimenal way to follow this sugg.

Thanks for your bullet-information in your second suggestion. But my problem is solving the especial list feature of indenting text after line breake.
Now I try making container with two columns (5% for bullet, 92% for text, 3 %free for not braking the container after the bullet while resizing). This seems to function but reformating text or writing longer lists is the down side.

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