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Upper/Lower case name problems
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Jake Lewis
Registered User
2009-02-04 20:58:53

Well done on the 1.2.1 upgrade. That does fix both the problems that it addresses.

There is still the issue of variable name / directory name clashes.  In short, if there exists a directory in the file structure, that has the same name as a class/variable/method that is obfuscated, references to the directory (ie within a package or import line) will also be obfuscated, but the output directory will have its original name.

I've made a tiny demo that shows the problem.
I can't figure out how to attach files to this posting, so I've posted the source here: (if that fails maybe try

Folder test/as3 is the source and test/as3obf is the result.  As you can see, test/as3obf/direcName/ states that its package is _pa12 whereas it is still in directory direcName. Either the output directory name should change or the package should reflect that original name.

Clearly, I can get round this by adding "direcName" to my exclude list, but for big projects this takes a while to find them all by hand from the (obfuscated) compiler errors.

Personally, I feel that obfuscation of package names is a good idea, and would like to see that as an option, but either way the above erratic behavior should be addressed.  


2009-02-06 08:04:16

Thanks for the example. Today, a small update of irrFuscator has been released which should fix this issue. (Doesn't obfuscate package names yet, but at least doesn't produce those problems anymore).

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