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Registered User
2017-08-21 19:29:37

How to make FPS Player crouch?
Actually i need to change "Collide when moved" via script or action, but there is no action to change this.

Registered User
2017-08-22 05:04:19

You can create a crouch animation for your player... And then trigger it by pressing a specific key...

Registered User
2017-08-22 06:21:50

I know this, but i need real crouch in First Person to walk in holes in the wall for example..

Registered User
2017-08-22 12:27:19

Hope there exist a way to edit collison box size.....

But to do the samething alternatively... You can do it by using a cube box as child node and assign collision behavior to them..

For example create 2 cube mesh.. one for upper body and one for lower body of the fps player...

And assign them as child node to tha player.. and adjust there position accordingly... And add move on collide behavior to them...

Now while the crouching action has to be executed.. delete or hide the upper box... So that collision will occur with lower body only....

And while releasing from crouch.. clone or show the upper box... Again.. so that the collision can occur with the upper body again....

Hope it will work for you... And hope you understand what am trying to say...

Note:- Don't forget to use transparent material... Black alpha texture for the cube mesh boxes...

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