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list of some feature request...
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Registered User
2017-09-04 21:34:37

1. Vibration, there must be an action to vibrate mobile device.. and a javascript api.. for example if colided with electric fence i want the device to be vibrated in a pattern... ( For mobile devices)

2. Tilt, action or behavior to move objects by tilting the device.. amd can be used horizontal tilt and vertical tilt for locking movement to forward backward... Or to right or left... (For mobile devices)

3.Splash screen instead of loading game.

4. Opening of keypad automatically for typing in the 2d overlay textbox.. when clicked on a overlay text box ( for mobile devices)

5. Drag and move object into the space..

6. Tile based game creation , to create board game easily. If clicked on a tile then do something.

7.Ragdoll, to make npc and players death more realictic..

8. Movement of physics controlled object with mouse and keys too.
I cant move an object with keyboard if a physics behavior is applied to it.

9. Decal system , i don't know if it can be created by uv editing or not.

10. Few more materials, like glow and shine, or bloom... Or may be they are just shaders..

11. Support for diffrent language fonts character drawing on 2D overlay.

12. Use an overlay as a texture for an object... So it will be easy to draw text on the object.

13. Collision for animated meshes.

14. Path finding system...

15. Add supporr for import of common animated models format like .fbx .blend etc.

16. More shortcut keys should be added.

17. Javascript api should be extended for more advanced features.

Hope theese all will be seen in coppercube soon.!

And thanks for the realime shadows update..


Registered User
2017-09-08 19:58:28

I would settle for google cardboard VR.

2017-09-09 06:19:30

For dragging, there is a downloadable action available here:

About "Movement of physics controlled object with mouse and keys too.": You can, just use a "collides with world" behavior instead, then it works nicely.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Registered User
2017-09-13 00:42:41

Ohh I will try the physics and the action for drag n drop.... Thanks !

Edit:- " Movement of physics controlled object with mouse and keys too" ..
by this line i mean to move an object with the behavior physics controlled object applied..

for example i have a car model with the behavior object controlled by physics having density of 10.... and in the same scene i have another model assume a truck with the density 50..

now i want to move that truck with the keyboard and i want that both the car and truck have the impact of physics...

but currently i can't move a scenenode with keyboard having the physics behavior applied...
i want to drive both the vehicles.. car and truck ... but also want to use physics simulation for both of them....

is it possible to do this with current physics system???

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