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Random crash thread (probably my fault :D)

Registered User
2017-12-01 18:59:17

Hi, I am seemingly getting random crashes when I call play2D().
I am calling it in the same thread as I initialised the engine. This is on windows 10, the version of irrklang is 32bit 1.5.0

The error is HEAP Free heap block modified after it was freed.
The call stack shows me these DLL addreses:

my code then...
irrKlang.dll!10003ac7() Unknown
irrKlang.dll!10002dc2() Unknown
irrKlang.dll!10004784() Unknown

it looks like the file path I pass in is full and valid and the other variables seem fine too. I'm not using any fancy effects or similar, just trying to play a looped sound.
Any ideas? :(
is there a debug DLL I could swap out to help find the cause?

2017-12-02 05:48:36

Hm, strange. Difficult to say what might be causing this. Sounds to me like you are calling drop() to an ISound or ISoundSource more than once, or similar. But difficult to say.

You don't get similar crashes In your app at other places?

I've sent you a debug version of irrklang, hopefully that helps.

Registered User
2017-12-02 11:00:04

Thanks for the DLL, this has let me get deeper into the crash in the call stack. See image:

This is me playing a sound I've definitely already played a few times, and I'm playing it using the filename, not a previous ISound interface, so it cant be that I'm using an invalid one.

it definitely seems memory related, i've seen it happen only in relase builds so far, but will try to duplicate it in debug.

I don't think its thread related, as it looks like all I'm doing in another thread is making a note of dead sounds (for my own book-keeping) using ISoundStopEventReceiver

2017-12-02 11:19:08

Difficult to say what this is. I'll send you a mail with an idea on how to find this easier.

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