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Action COLOR Type prop
Author Text

Registered User
2018-01-12 00:13:02

Not sure if is a bug...

The color displayed on runtime (.EXE) is diferent from selected on the action-editor panel (color selector).

Explained on image here:

Also added .CCB sample. (action is used on the cube)

Color is applied to a 'Background Color' propertie on 2DOverlay nodes.

Tested on Win 7.

2018-01-12 08:49:36

Wow, interesting project, btw :)

Hm, looks like some alpha value is applied to this, you are right, will have a closer look.

Registered User
2018-01-13 01:35:18

Thanks Niko...

maybe this will take me some weeks to finish this tool-set (will include some actions & behaviors)... but when it done I will share here on the forum... :D

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