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No Playback on USB Sound Device with 4 Channels

Registered User
2018-01-13 12:51:06

I've a new SoundDevice

ZOOM U-24 Handy Audio Interface

When the device is set in Windows 10 Device Setup configuration to any 2 Chanel Playback Format, everything works well.

When the device is set to any configuration using 4 Chanels, IrrKlang can't Play anything on the device.

Using the demo app, irrklang say's:: Could not create Sound buffers

When i Play some Sound, and while playing, Switching the device from 2 to 4 Chanel Format, Playback continues on one of the 4 Chanels, until i stop and restart irrklang Playback. Then there is that "Could not create Sound buffers" error again.

What can i do, to get 4 Chanel Playback running on this device?

In deed i want to Play one mp3 Playback on Chanel 1/2 connected to a Speaker Output, while playing another mp3 Playback on Channel 3/4 connected to a headphone, for pre-listining over the headphone's while Music is playing on the Speakers.
Typical Scenario for Music Playback applications like Djay Pro, witch could do it in this way with this device on my Windows 10 notebook.
But my own app, using irrklang, Fails.

2018-01-14 05:06:23

If you set the driver mode to WinMM instead of the default DirectSound, does it work then?

Registered User
2018-01-14 11:21:15

Yes, it is playing now.
Thanks for your Reply.

Now i can't get the channels 3/4 playing.
Sound always Comes from Chanel 1/2

i played araound using
_currentPlaying = _currentEngine.Play3D(pfad, vec, false, true, StreamMode.AutoDetect);

and trying to set that Vector3D to values from -1 to 1.
Sound always Comes from Chanel 1/2.
When z is -1 it Comes from the right Chanel
When z is 1 it Comes from the left Chanel

But never from the second Chanel pair (my headphones)

Do you have any iedea, how i could direct the Sound to Chanels 3/4 ?

2018-01-15 07:45:04

Ah, interesting. Maybe if you enumerate the devices, maybe there is a second virtual one which you can force irrklang to play on. Could be a possibility. If not, then you're out of luck, sorry. :(

Registered User
2018-01-15 15:20:54

No there isn't another Sound Card.
Only this one, having 4 Channels.

Is there any possibility to fix that "Could not create Sound buffers" error from the top of the post?

One other fact: DJay pro can Play on this device with 4 channel Setup, spotify can't

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