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UDK: How are the "Mappable keys" raised
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Registered User
2018-03-05 05:05:12

Hi all
So, would anyone know how the events of the keys pressed for UDK are lifted?

We would like to be able to use a new device other than the mouse, the keyboard...: In this case the Kinect.
We have developed our API that allows the use of Kinect in C++.
We have integrated it into UDK in UnrealScript, however we would like to be able to raise an event when we detect a gesture.
So we would like to do the binding of our gestures with a UDK command and succeed in lifting our events that will execute the predefined commands.

Like what:
Bindings = (Name = "BrasEnAvant", Command = "StartFire | onrelease StopFire");
How to raise the event "BrasEnAvant"?

Thanks in advance
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