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Color Window/Menu
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Registered User
2018-03-08 21:50:49

I'm using two screens - one for the project and one for the instructions.

When I click the menu for a change of color, the color menu jumps away from the working window and literally off the screen. In order to find it I have to drag the working window to the left and the color menu appears on the right. I then hover over the menu and make the change. If I don't pull it far enough out it disappears completely. And as long as it's open I get the error beep which doesn't allow me to do anything!

I've never had this problem in any application I an remember.

I'm wondering if this a dual screen preferences problem or a bug in the program?

Any thoughts?

2018-03-09 06:34:00

Not sure, could be a problem in the program. Which operating system are you using?

Registered User
2018-03-09 14:19:38

Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.3

2018-03-10 05:17:39

Ah, strange, will have a look into that. Sorry for this!

Registered User
2018-03-10 18:40:42

The jumping color menu is only a problem in dual screen mode IF the window you're using is NOT the window with the Menu Bar. Dragging the menu bar over to the larger screen and running RocketCake in that window lets the Color Menu popup on the same screen right in front of the program.

Easy fix for unusual problem.

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