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dropdown menu and juicepro gallery
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Registered User
2018-03-14 10:54:47

I have a problem with my site
I made a dropdown menu bar on the first page with a slideshow, wich works fine. Following the links, they all linked to placeholder sites wich contains different juiceboxpro galleries, I could only use some upper links. The Links wich are over the gallery are not useable.
Is there a solution to solve this problem? I'm not a webdesigner at all…



Registered User
2018-03-14 14:58:50

Did you create links for thos top menu items in RocketCake? Looking at your website, it looks like you haven't. You can create links for those in the exact way you did for the sub menu items.

If you have, and cannot figure out the problem, you can send your .rcd file to support (on this website support -> contact -> use the email address listed there), they will help you.

Registered User
2018-03-14 15:42:46

Thanks for your answer. On the top menue items I don't have any links. My problem is in the sub menus. As example on this page I can only hit the first sub menu item (submenu people) and not the other three items lucie m., paula, and either Lena + Nena. They are blocked from the juicebox gallery.

2018-03-17 12:21:09

Difficult to say, I'm not sure how that juiceboxpro is doing that. I think it modifies the z-index to something very high. Do you have a way to change this behavior?

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