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Looking for an environment modeler

Registered User
2018-04-26 16:16:52


We need an environment modeler for a 5-min short film. The main environment we need is an ancient ruined temple site. Because we are on a tight deadline, the applicant must be able to work full-time on the project during its entire duration.

You will not be modeling the buildings shown in the sample screenshots. The high-res buildings you see in the screenshots (especially in Sample 4) are ready-made assets we bought for the project. What you'll mainly be doing is assemble the assets on a shot-by-shot basis. We also bought several smaller assets such as trees and rocks.

You will be working closely with the main character animator and the director/producer. The animator will pre-animate the characters in a blank environment and your main job will be to fill-in the environment with all the necessary details by assembling the ready-made assets together.

The main software we use is 3ds Max 2016, with Vray 3.5 for rendering. When applying, please include sample screenshots of previous work so we may be able to properly assess your qualifications for this job.

Once you are hired for the job, aside from the monetary payment you will also receive all the environment assets used in the project, including the high-res temple buildings.

If you're interested please apply here -

Thank you!

Registered User
2018-08-09 08:11:47


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