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make character jump
Author Text

Registered User
2018-05-11 14:28:11

Hello to you all ,
is the ability to make a character jump a built-in feature of coppercube ?
I've tried the 3er person view sample file , but the character can't jump.
If not , is there an example around please ? Thanks !

question 2 : does anyone know if john maksym , who makes coppercube tutorials on YouTube , is on this forum?

Thanks for your help !

Registered User
2018-05-11 14:47:20

Yes jump is built in feature of coppercube...
For third person player...
You have to tweak the jump settings and gravity a little bit to make your player jumps correctly...

And yeah John Maksym is on this forum....his name here is 54newstar... But he don't seem to be active on the forum much....

If you wanted to create your own jump behavior or want to download a prebuilt action..... Refer to these threads....

Registered User
2018-05-11 15:23:01

Hi, the character have jumping in the terrain sample, but the jumpspeed is set comparably low at default, 0.2. If you set it to around 2.0 he jump effectively from the ground.

Registered User
2018-05-11 16:10:08

Thanks a lot for your help !

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