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Mod playback ignores jump codes (encoded in the mod)?

2009-04-06 17:42:29


I have some mods, that contain jump codes, so they play patters in this order..

1,2,3, (intro, only gets played once).
4,3,5,6, (loops back to '4' and repeats).

However, when I use irrKlang to play it, it's something like:

1,2,3,4,3,5,6, (loop back to '1' and repeats from start of mod).

Either it's something I've missed (an option?) or something you guys overlooked in developing irrKlang?

2009-04-07 16:34:14

Hm, strange, I'll have a look at this. Maybe you could try one of the other supported tracker file formats in the meanwhile.

Registered User
2013-10-05 02:01:44

I'm sorry to bump this old thread, but the problem still applies to irrKlang 1.4.0b..
I'm trying to play a XM Module (FastTracker II) with Position jumps. I've tried several things:

a) using the Global Module "Repeat" setting (which should jump to exactly THAT defined Position after playing the last Position)
b) Effect Bxy (Position Jump) which should just do the same (when found during playback), jump to Song Position xy (hex) when reaching the next row in the pattern and/or finishing that pattern
c) replaying the File with irrKlang using bool playLooped set to true and false.

What I can report is:

- Replaying the file with playLooped set to true will jump back to Song Position 0 (regardless of Module Global Repeat and Effect Bxy settings)..
- Replaying the file with playLooped set to false will stop the Playback after fully processing the last Position of the Module (which is completely comprehensible).

Is the Bxy Effect implemented at all? I have a feeling that it is indeed completely ignored during playback as I've tried to implement it somewhere else in my Module (to test the irrKlang replay of it) :-D

If it's unclear of what I'm talking about with Effect Bxy, have a look here:

I'd be really happy if you could hunt this down, Niko. I'd love to use irrKlang for my purpose. It otherwise sounds EXACTLY the way I've meant to sound it when composing that Module :-)



I've done some further testing. The Bxy Effect is implemented, but not working as it is intended to.
irrKlang will just jump back to the Song Position 0, instead of the song position that it was directed to by the Bxy Effect.

Also, I now have the feeling that the Bxy Effect will be processed directly on the "Playback Tick" 0, instead of finishing all the Ticks for that row.

Ok, that's getting quite technical now. Judging by your name, I think we share the same native language. It might be a good idea if you drop me a mail (in native language), I guess I could explain things clearer then.

Schankedoen, qk

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