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C++ client source question (5.7.1)
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Registered User
2018-09-15 01:15:54

Alright, so I'm starting over yet again on my project in version 5 and I forgot that the Professional version enables me to download the 5.7.1 client source code. This got me to think: For very simple value modifications for the default behaviors this may be useful.

Does this work the same as the others? Just replace the test.ccb file with your game file? But how would the changes take effect? This is confusing! haha.

2018-09-15 05:16:43

Not exactly what you are asking about. To modify the C++ code, change it, recompile it and then run the created app, which then will load the file you tell it to load.

Registered User
2018-09-15 05:57:55

I installed Visual C++ 2005 and it's complaining about it not finding windows.h... hmm. I'm doing simple modifications. nothing super large (as a test I changed a default key for the character controller to something wacky - the number 8...) Any ideas?

Ohh I see how this works. You modify the code and it builds the game EXE with your additions / changes. Correct?

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