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Limitations/Short comings of Coppercube
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2018-11-08 07:38:14

Its john here again.
This thread is to Discuss about Limitations of Coppercube & its Possible Solution. Any Constructive Reply will be Helpful for the Community. It will also be Helpful for the Developer(s).

I created the Thread in 'Open Discussion' so it can be easily be Discussed. Any Critical Bug or Problem with no Solution Discovered will be later on Posted to 'Feature requests and bug reports'.

Hope you will take interest to Improve Coppercube.


Registered User
2018-11-09 12:22:59

CC definitely has it's limits out of the box, but many different things can be faked if you do it in a messy way. It's hard to describe. You can accomplish many different things out of the box with the built-in behaviors, though you may have to do some crazy "smoke and mirrors" tricks to get it as you wish.

For instance: My current project is on hold for now since I need to get a ladder climbing and zipline mechanism in place. I thought to myself: Maybe I can have the camera change (so the movement gets disabled) and then move the character up by a vector (while the animation gets changed obviously) and, after the character moves by the vector in the specified time, change the character's animation to idle, restart the behaviors for them, and change the camera to the main one.

That's a convoluted way to get that in the game, but it's the only thing I could think of (short of buying the Studio edition and learning C++ so I could add it then)

Registered User
2018-11-09 17:29:49

@j9907 why didn't you asked me for a ladder mechanism..... I had already implemented it in my 2D demo sunnyland forest....

If this is the only thing which is holding your project then let me help you out...
But first let meknow are you creating third person game or FPS game.....

All you need is 2 proximity behavior... 2 on each end of the ladder...

One will trigger when the player enters one end of the ladder then an action for climbing will be executed player will move upward either by using physics velocity or by changing position...

Another proximity behavior will be attached to the other end of the ladder then an action will be executed and player will stop moving upward...

All these thinga also requires some variables to check and execute according to the need....

Hope that helps... And if you need any further explanation then please let me know..

Registered User
2018-11-09 17:50:27

I'm doing a third person platform game. One of my planned levels is almost entirely based on ziplines and ladders. hah.

The other thing that's holding me back is ledge-grabbing, though it's not a deal breaker at all (I could do without it).

Ah, so for the ladder you'd have both ends as separate nodes. Correct? The only thing I'll change is I'll change the active camera just so the character can't jump off the ladder whilst going up.

Sounds simple enough, though. I'll try it. Thanks!

Registered User
2018-11-10 06:59:56

Yes, the ladder will have seperate ends, you can simply use tranparent cube to create two ends of the ladder... I don't think you will need to change the active camera as you are working on a tpp game... All you need is change position of the player once it reaches to the top......

Ohh i got it, you mean if the player wants to stop in the middle... Aahh, yup but i don't think if changing active camera will make him stop even if you have choosen to move only , if camera is active.....

Gravity will take him down.....

2018-11-10 12:47:20

The Ladder Problem:
Asked By: j9907
Solved by: just_in_case

Status: Issue have been Solved

Thanks to just_in_case & j9907

Registered User
2018-11-13 19:59:35

I'm really happy with how fast I can do certain things in Copper without any heavy programming & how effective engine is when it needs to be compatible/integrated with other engines like Construct 2.

However, there are some severe visual limitations that I don't really understand because they are ancient in terms of availability. Some of the most evident are:

1. There is no normal-mapping or any other more 'advanced' shader support for animated models.
2. You also can't have real-time shadows or, once again, normal-mapping on static lightmapped models.
3. There are no mirrors, real-time AO, DOF or any other PPE that can be added to a scene. There is native Bloom but, for some reason, it's not compatible with Antialiasing which makes it unusable.

I know that there are files that can fix this, I'm very happy with QeffectsGL for example, but they are not native to the engine & most of them are single-platform oriented. There are no cross-platform external solutions or, at least, no solutions that I was able to find.

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