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MSIL vs Processor error
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Registered User
2018-11-19 23:30:26

I'm doing a WinForm VS2017 project and I keep getting a mismatch MSIL error "irrKlang.Net4" Version 1.0.6617.18810 between the processor and the MSIL...

I'm doing the VS2017 build target framework of 4.6.1
build using "Any CPU" or "x86", does not affect the error...
32-bit application

I'm using irrKlang 1.6.0 dotnet4 "irrKlang.Net4.dll" version

Is there a solution to this error?

2018-11-20 07:24:27

You must either choose x64 or x86 for your build (using either irrKlang 64bit or 32bit) since it is a mixed mode assembly.

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