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scenegraph explorer request
Author Text

2018-11-30 03:12:56

hi! there is something in the scenegraph explorer that seems unusual to me...

so lets say i have many items in my project and want to change some properties on an item way down on the scenegraph explorer list.

i scroll all the way down near the bottom.

I select the item, and simply change any of the properties for the item.

the scenegraph explorer will then go all the way up to the top for some reason.

and so this bothers me, because now i have to scroll all the way back down and find the item to change another property, if need be. i am requesting that this be changed.

thanks for your consideration!

2018-12-01 08:19:38

Thanks for reporting, seems to be a macOS issue, in the windows version, it is not like that. I'll have a look.

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