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on proximity do something bug ?
Author Text

Registered User
2018-12-01 14:18:08

Hello , the "on proximity do something" behaviour ( player approaches NPC) works in .html , but not in windows.exe

In windows, I have unsuccessfully tried with :
-windows / direct 3d

-windows / open gl

test area : sphere
test area :box

Also , is it normal that the test area extends below ground ( the center of a box test area , or a sphere test area , is the feet of the player/ character. Maybe it's intended this way…

EDIT : hum , it works with a different project , in which the player is the standard coppercube" soldier. So maybe it has something to do with my imported character … a .x model

Registered User
2018-12-01 16:24:40

sorry not a bug after all.
the "on proximity do something" behaviour triggered the action : display text in overlay.
Now, to whoever may be interested : the "draw text" attribute must be ticked for the overlay to be able to display text in windows .exe output mode, while in open gl it's not necessary.

Registered User
2018-12-01 18:52:05

Didn't realize it, I always just replace the text so the 'draw text' is always activated, but it's good to know, cheers!

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