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Create Variables on Game Start
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Coppercube User
2018-12-12 15:52:23

Hello, the only way I can make variables right now is by creating an object(ex: a cube) and make an action inside it which will set/create a variable. BUT there is no action like "on game start do something" so I can't define my variables on the game start. I also can't do a countdown timer that runs an action once so same thing. There's only looping timers.



Registered User
2018-12-12 17:55:10

Actually there is an action called almost identically as 'on game start do something', it's: 'Before first drawing do something' :) :) Go to the 'Scene Graph Explorer' & you'll find it when you click on the little plus symbol in your main Scene's behavior module :)

For countdown you can use Action called 'Do something later'. Download it from here:
'Do Later - Runs an action a specific amount of time later - by N.Gebhardt'


Coppercube User
2018-12-12 18:31:32

Thank you so much that is VERY helpful!!! I will check the links as soon as I get home!

Coppercube User
2018-12-12 23:23:46

Hey man,

The extension DoLater doesn't appear in coppercube. I laughed when I saw that I already had the DoLater extension in my extensions folder, but it isn't showing up. I tried downloading DoLater again and replacing the old .js file but same results. Using coppercube 6.0.2... :/

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