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2019-01-14 18:48:26

Why CopperCube doesn't have any built-in online features? I mean online multiplayer or basic LAN multiplayer. That is MOST important feature. I think this feature was be first in this list.
I love CopperCube, but even this is free, it can't compete with other engines without built-in multiplayer.

I was read some posts in forum and all what i have is - "You need use JS", but im just designer, i can build some code, but it just for basic staff from documentation. How can i build server-client features?

It also missing open world features.

Thanks for attention, im really sad about this...

Registered User
2019-01-17 08:12:26

You can definitely do online stuff with JS, but yes, a codeless behavior for this type of stuff would be nice.

In regards to open-world features: You can do reasonably large-sized worlds if you split it up into sections and dynamically hide them and show them as you go around. I think this can be done by placing cube objects with "On proximity do something" behaviors under the world and have it hide what's behind you, and vice versa. Very messy implementation, but it'd work!

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