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Copper Cube Crashes while trying to publish .html
Author Text

Registered User
2019-05-12 19:48:48

An unhandled exception occurred. Press Abort to terminate the program. Retry to exit the program normally and Ignore to try and continue.

How do I fix this? I need to publish to .html

Registered User
2019-05-13 12:40:07

I think there is no fix for this, also I hope you save your ccb files regularly because the last time I had that msg my project was corrupted. It's always safer to do one level/scene in one project and than just join everything into final game-file. I never received this msg with project files containing one scene.

Registered User
2019-05-14 03:48:13

That would explain it. Thank you for your reply. I have two scenes in the one project. It was the first time I attempted to compile an .html project with multiple scenes. I'll try separating the scenes into two separate projects, then reference each project accordingly via hyperlink instead of changing scenes.

Registered User
2019-05-14 16:59:47

No, sorry, I think I have misled you, of course you can have functional project with multiple scenes & export that project. All I was saying is that you should consider making one scene per ccb and than import all your single-scene ccbs into final project you are planning to publish.
The one-scene-ccb thing is just safer and if your main project file, containing all your one-scene-ccbs, gets corrupted you still have your game intact in multiple files. Combining ccbs into one single project is a process that can be achived in less than 10 minutes even if you have over 20 levels.

By 'combining' I don't mean using 'ccbSwitchToCCBFile' JavaScript command but regular creation of the scene in the editor and using 'File > Import > CopperCube Scene' option.

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