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I've finally bought CopperCube Pro & here are my first impressions
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Registered User
2019-05-18 15:24:29

I'm now a proud owner of CopperCube Proffesional so I'm gonna write about my first impressions of this engine version :) At the start one thing: I'm going to evaluate CopperPro from the point of view related to my development needs & reasons why I've bought it in the first place.
So why I've bought it:

1. I needed post-processing, mainly Bloom, effects for WebGL & MAC since I use ReShade for Windows and couldn't find a good PPE solution for those platforms.
2. I wanted to play videos in my game, mainly promo/credits (on the game start & in credits section) & tutorial videos (in the help/tutorial section). I could do that in the WebGL version of the game but not in Win/MAC, the only solution was a separate app for tutorials/help & that is still my option for in-depth help files but not for easily accessible in-game help files.
3. I've wanted a custom loading screen option, not because I wanted to hide CopperCube logo which I plan to display anyway, but because the loading time is always a good way to add images & promo/help messages that player can see while waiting for game to load. I could do that for WebGL but not for any other platform.
4. My main platform for this game is Windows but I do want to have similar functionality on other platforms also.

Did CopperPro version manage to do deliver what I wanted:
1. Bloom effect in WebGL does kill antialias but it works incredibly good, it lowers the fps for about 5/10 frames on average so it's fine, and other PPE's like Blur, BW, Colorize & Vignette have almost no impact on fps. This said, Bloom is almost unusable in Windows builds because it devastates fps but other effects work fine and, as I mentioned, I use ReShade for Windows builds.
2. I tried video playback & it functioned great both on 2D nodes & 3D surfaces. Some more common formats, compressed in a way I usually compress them in, didn't work but that's just a matter of experimenting with what compressions function and what compressions don't. They do lower fps for about a half but that's not a problem for my game since they will be played mainly in a very static environments.
3. Custom loading screen works as it's expected: with no problems. The only thing I find weird is that image is not responsive but always stays in the same size but that's not really a problem since, while loading, window can't be resized so I can just use custom-sized image.
4. My game versions for different platforms at this point look similar, not really the same but nobody could say they are different games.

So did CopperCube Professional edition manage to deliver what I wanted: Yes. All of the things that I needed function as they should, some even better than expected, so if your game requires things similar to what my game required than I would recommend buying the CopperCube Professional edition.


Registered User
2019-05-18 16:33:51

Nice review! Version 6 Pro is worth every penny (it's actually a steal considering the price it's sold at). Even the Studio edition's price is quite fair if you take the very reasonable "no royalties" stance which Niko has for games made with this engine.

Also the sheer amount of possibilities you'd have if you knew C++ and wanted to add specific features which otherwise would've been impossible to with either a combo of JS or variables + built-in actions!

I'm glad that, for you, the video playback feature's working well in your worlds. For me it has some serious lagging issues in my worlds (probably because I'm lightmapping the worlds and have tons of characters and other nodes).

If I had to be honest, version 6 is the best version of CC available now. It beats every other version before it by huge strides... I think that, with some serious work, I can get my project finished in this engine.

Registered User
2019-09-01 03:54:11

A positive spirit with a positive review.

2019-09-02 19:00:59

Still no update / patch / expansion in 2019...

Very upsetting.

We were promised so many things in the next update via the roadmap that Niko released and instead he has been building his own games instead of developing updates for Coppercube.


2019-09-04 10:46:08

I think coppercube is dead and totaly outdated...

Registered User
2019-09-04 21:59:52

Yes, CopperCube is a bit slow to catch up but that doesn't mean that you can't make a good game with a few additional dll's & some workarounds. CC is a nice & easy to use engine that can produce a game in a light-speed development time.
At this moment I'm not really waiting for any big updates, I can finish my game with available set of tools but I am a bit worried about engine-fixes. It's very important for me to know that I will be able to potentially fix my game if something major happens to WebGL or Android technology, or if the new version of Windows/DirectX/Java starts messing up my game.

Registered User
2019-09-13 03:14:31

I am planning to purchase coppercube a second time but the ability to orbit around selection in the editor is still not a thing.

And also the FOV of the editor is totally unrealistically off, I wish there is a way to change it.

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