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Saturn 7
Author Text

2019-06-28 09:14:21

Recent work done for my game - Saturn 7

Its coming along ok I feel for now...

Has a working inventory system & player status based on actions and temperature etc.

Let me know what you think...

Registered User
2019-06-28 16:06:14

Good working..

some useful advice i used to before….
An inventory system have to start with a single question
Is there an empty slot?

So the first array must be "status" (0 empty 1 full 2 addable items etc..) and you need "number_of_items" variable..

create number of items on start up as empty, end then check if one avaiable.

and using with one single function on "Before first drawing do something" tab, life may be easier for you :)

function saturn_on_start() {
var varname="food";








// and so on....


2019-06-29 02:58:00

Thanks for your feedback yalazkan.

In my game I will end up having more inventory slots than the total number of total collectible items so being limited by space I wont be a problem - only limited by weight that you can carry around.

Also there will only be one slot per item as they just increase in number only - not add new slots - bit easier that way..
but yeah, otherwise would have to implement what you said...

I only have like 5 slots now for testing but when I make changes I can just delete the last 4 and copy paste new ones again with slight edit. Later will have like 20+ available slots.

Thanks for the code - I think its much cleaner looking to put all my initial variable values in one section in code like you have rather than 20+ menu list items - I will implement that...


Registered User
2019-08-10 14:58:57

Just tried it, I liked the atmosphere & the general direction of the game is good.
Since it's a wip file I won't go into details because I'm not sure what you planned to do next with the game but there's a few things I would like to see:
Because you don't use lightmaps you can use normal/bump mapping without any problems, that would enhance the look of the mountains significantly.
Maybe some general experimenting with lights, good usage of point-lights with directional light could make everything more atmospheric in the initial, outdoor level.
Also getting-hit animations for enemies & walk-cycle animation for player hand, but I'm sure you planned to switch CC revolver-hand with appropriate SciFi hand & laser :).
I like environmental-audio direction very much, non-music approach really adds to the atmosphere.

2019-08-10 16:44:59

Hi srfstudio,

Thanks for the feedback - I'm still a noob with making games so lots to learn - thanks for your feedback, will go through each point to see if can improve it.

Yes, your right, I haven't used bump/normal maps yet...have been deleting the blue images all this time wondering what was that for....hah!

Registered User
2019-08-16 06:32:31

Will download and try it once i reach home😇


Hi just_in_case,

I made some significant improvements to save/loading last few days and seems to working well now. ie each game will always be different due to random allocation of loot items.

Its just testing phase currently to flesh out all the possibilities I can add to the game before making it bigger and adding more scenes or new load levels.

At the moment I feel making multiple areas within the same scene might be the best option and just turning off sections as you go to another section best for FPS.
I have tried changing scenes and didn't like it much as:
- so time intensive with updating starting location and target each time for each scene change
- updating the current Player to the new scene each time to match same Player from previous scene is a hassle (game function is mostly attached to original player)
- enemies are in limbo if you leave one scene and return they are back at exact same spot even hours later....
- unsure if saving previous scene data will even work as its on hold in other scenes

I have heard about loading new game level so that might be an option once the original large scene gets too big to load and run...

I will be changing the hands and gun used to match the loot item on the ground near the tent.

Any suggestions welcome....

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