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Doodle Jump 2D gmae demo Avialable to download
Author Text

Registered User
2019-08-21 20:58:42

hello everyone its been a long time since i posted something on my website or here on the forums.

so today i tried to create a demo of Doodle Jump game and so far it is quite satisfying.. there are a few bugs which are barely noticeable but the overall game-play is good.

here is the video showing the game-play...

Also i have uploaded the source file of the demo to the website

the game contains a lil bit of coding and 1 or 2 scripted actions... which has 1 or 2 line of code converted them to action so that i don't have to repeat same thing with every object.

applied all the actions and behaviours to one node and then duplicated it. saved a lot of time.

here is the link to download the source CCB file ..

hope you guys like it...

Edit:- Ignore the typos (spelling mistake) in the thread's title, its midnight here and am quite sleepy..

Registered User
2019-08-22 04:18:20

Damn impressive

Registered User
2019-08-23 09:46:25

Very good game :)

Registered User
2019-08-23 12:08:28

This is great, I like the drawing-style backs & characters :)

Registered User
2019-09-27 06:01:09

Very cool !

Registered User
2019-09-27 14:58:47


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