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Aziella Chronicles version 0.0.1 [ wip build ]
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Registered User
2019-09-04 21:05:02


Work-in-progress version 0.0.1 & version 0.0.2
I finally managed to pack a playable version of Aziella Chronicles, all game-systems are 70% done but only about 40% is connected & active at this time. This game-build contains menu, intro and three levels with functional GUI, player’s health/nutrition system, battle system, golem/portal/climb/sleep/eat/bath options + audio volume control.
What this build is missing:
1. All enemies are one model.
2. All enemies are the same class with similar health/attack points.
3. None of the health/attack/source points are balanced, neither for enemies, golems or player.
4. Different classes, health, attacks, upgrades based on expiriance and sources are all done but numbers are still to be added. For this I will use values as they are implemented in Disciples II game. That’s the game I’m very familiar with and it has a good balance between different units, classes & upgrades.
5. Bathing is implemented but results of bathing/none-bathing are still not there.
6. There are no tutorial files present in this build so the player will just have to wing-it :)
7. Only three levels are there, five more levels are nearly done but still not functional enough to be included.
8. In this build there are no battle-win rewards, chests to loot, NPCs to have dialogs with or shops to buy stuff :) They are all about 80% done but not 100%.
9. There is no Save/Load system in this build.

I've clicked together Aziella Chronicles development log website, the newest version for download will be always there in the header:
[ Monday, September 9, 2019 ] Game can now be downloaded again from Aziella website :)
Hopefully there won’t be too much problems, bugs or crashes with this build :) If you download it have fun playing & cheers for checking it out!

Registered User
2019-09-05 05:24:39

Woahh!!!! Thats huge, screenshots are awesome.... Neat, gonna download the exe right now.
No wonder you spend a lot of time creating this.

Glad to see such a beautiful art😍😍😍

More feedback will be given after playing this😇😇

Edit:- I just recorded and uploaded gameplay video of this game to my youtube channel. so if anybody wants to get a sneak peek here is the link to video.

Now Feedback.:-

Am only going to point out few bugs and enhancement that might improve the game-play.

first of all when walking forward and pressing sapce, the player movement is stopped and then jitters.

while sprinting by pressing shift key and then rotating at the same time player walking animations gets stopeed and it looks like if she is sliding...

Those tick and cross buttons irritated me a lot usually tick should be placed in the right side and cross on the left... i know this is not a bug but most of the gamers are used to see tick on the right side.

There is no cancel button or leave fight button while fighting the enemies, what if i just want to roam here and there and don't want to fight. .. so there must be a button or a key to cancel the fighting with enemies.

a 3d model camera view while bathing and sleeping would be really good. just like you used when summoning a golem.

a minimap, i hope you have planned for this. as i have almost lost my way in northern caves.

some of the victory screen is having bugs .. there is flickering of the screen...

ability to make the player rotate using mouse, hope you have planned for this.

sometimes the caves wall are transparent. you can use double sided material for that.

Now the good feedback:-

Jaw dropping graphics... really insane graphics, post processing effects and all.

Camera's are perfectly aligned and switched correctly.

those cutscenes were Ohhh i don't have words for that , specially when azziella runs as stops suddenly when she saw that blue enemy and then he kicked her on ground.

Amazing work, it is clearly visible that a lot of time and effort has been given to the game.

would like to play the final build...

Registered User
2019-09-06 01:11:13

This is an amazingly useful feedback, it really gave me a clear picture of what is functioning and what is not functioning in the game, cheers! Also thanks for the video recording, it was a good pointer to number of things I should modify :)

What worries me about the video is the strange aspect ratio of 3D camera, the GUI seems to be o.k. but everything else seems to be stretched in width :( I’m not sure if it’s just the recording or if it looked like that while playing? If the game rendered in that way maybe I should switch all cameras from Auto to 16:9 aspect, at this moment only bath, sleep, eat and rope cameras are 16:9 and those scenes seem to be rendering fine :(

And for feedback…
1. The transparent cave-walls shouldn’t have happened, they are displayed solid on my computers, hopefully there’s something minor I overlooked and, if not, the double-sided faces you suggested should do the trick. Does this happens only in menu-cave or does it also happen in cave-level?
2. The sprint shouldn’t be possible, I actually forgot to disable it :) The thing that’s strange is the jitters of the view when space is pressed, that shouldn’t be happening :/
3. The flickering in the settings-menu and victory-menu seems to be a result of blur being initiated, those are only two screens where I use blur. I will remove it, it’s not really visually important.
4. I’m not sure what you mean by tick and cross buttons, is it the general positioning of buttons or do you mean main on-screen buttons in the upper-left corner?
5. Minimap & battle-leave are planned, leaving the battle will be possible through the use of travel-scroll that will instantly transport you back home :)
Unfortunately I haven’t planned rotating camera for player, I’m not sure how I would implement that :/ I do have a rotate-around-player camera when Aziella is standing for WebGL version that I could maybe modify & use differently.

Thanks again for playing and for this great feedback, hopefully you will be able to also check-out next versions of the game if/when you have time, it’s really very useful, cheers!

Registered User
2019-09-06 05:35:38

For the screen ratio, no the game was working fine, actually i lower the resolution of the video because it was a huge video of about 1.87 gb in size... so to reduce the size i lower the resolution and am not that good with video editing.... The Game was just working fine in 16:9 aspect ratio..

1. Yes the transparent walls appeared in the menu and somewhere in the main level too. when player gets near it , it becomes solid.

2. That jitter movement of player might be due to that you ar using the default object move with keyboard option and you really can't turn off the jump animation for the player either it will jitter or animation will loop.

3. Yes, that also happens in the settings menu too.

4. Am asking about those questions which appeared when trying to pass through passage "Do you want to go back to northern pass?" there you have placed cross on the right side of dialogue, and Tick mark on the left . it doesn't matter that much but am used to click on right button everytime. this might not be an issue. but it bugged me a lot. lolzzz.

5. And can we travel back to the once discovered battle location via the travel scroll. because people might not be interested in walking back on foot if they changed their mind to fight those enemies. So if a battle place will be discovered then it should also appear in the travel scroll. if it is undiscovered then it will remain hidden and won't appear in travel scroll...

Registered User
2019-09-06 05:54:20

Looks jaw-dropping great! Must be a lot of work!

2019-09-06 11:28:32

Looks very good indeed! You need to create a website or youtube-channel or similar, I'd like to tweet and link your game

Registered User
2019-09-06 23:26:15

Thank you Niko, that would be great!

I've clicked together a quick website on Weebly here:

The Aziella Chronicles preview video is on Youtube here:

If you need some screenshots as a part of your post I would suggest that you take them from this thread.The same images are also on the website but they are all in jpg format because of the slider-speed.

Thanks, it was a bit slower then I expected but it will be the most complex game I've made. It took about 6 months but everything is more-less there, I just need to connect it all & make a good balance between enemies strength, class & experience :)


Yeah, you are right, it happened to me a few times also :) I wanted to confirm level-change and ended up canceling the level-change :) I thought that was my brain-bug but since you had that problem also I will switch the confirm/cancel order from left to right.

I wanted for travel scroll to be a sort of quick-escape route, I didn't think of any other functions for it but it's not set in stone so I will maybe expend the functionality. It is a good idea.

I focused on a few bugs that you reported that could be fast-fixed, hopefully I was able to remove them.
What I believe I fixed:
1. I've removed blur effect from Settings & Battle-Victory screens, I think this effect was causing the flickering.
2. Sprinting by pressing shift key is now disabled. I've assigned the 'walk' animation to running and decreased run movement-value to be identical to walking movement-value.
3. When walking forward and pressing space the player shouldn't display jitters anymore.
4. Menu-Cave geometry faces are now sett on double sided, hopefully this will fix the transparency of the cave walls.

Big thanks to everyone who checked out my post, cheers!

Registered User
2019-09-06 23:33:56

This is beyond impressive, both visually and quality-wise. Bravo... This project proves that CopperCube can be used to make full-fledged games if you really get into it and learn how to use it effectively!

10/10 from me...

Registered User
2019-09-06 23:43:55

Cheers! I'm glad you liked it, hopefully I will be able to wrap-it-up by the end of the year :)
If you find some time it would be great if you could download the windows build & try it out. Any feedback about bugs & errors is extremely welcome :)

Registered User
2019-09-07 06:22:58

I downloaded the Windows build and Windows Defender claims it has a trojan... Specifically:

Fuerboos a!cl

I highly doubt this is true as I'm positive there's no real way to incorporate a virus into a CC application...

Registered User
2019-09-07 13:06:17

No, that would be insane, Fuerboos is a severe virus that completely slows down your system. For me AVG is finding FileRepMalware which is much better but also completely unrealistic. But it's a HUGE problem.
I'm going to repack everything and retest it until there's an acceptable way to start the game. After that I will upload the game again and make it available for download.

2019-09-08 06:24:41

Nice work srfstudio !

Was waiting to see some more of your game..nice animations and great music.

I'm sure this gives a lot of us more encouragement that nice outcomes are possible with CC.

Cheers !

Registered User
2019-09-08 15:19:44

M-A-S-T-E-R-P-I-E-C-E !

Who said CC is a suck game engine?! Come here, NOW! And see how good this game!

And surely, @srfstudio. You really impressed us with this result. Salute!

Registered User
2019-09-09 20:45:35

@Robo Thanx, I'm glad you liked the game-progress so far, the music is original and it's very nice, my friend is a composer & he does have a lot of talent :)

@mutan_gaming Thanks man, I'm very glad that my work is being well received :) Hopefully I will be able to get the game to an early-access stage soon and than go further from there :)

Registered User
2019-09-09 20:47:02

After a few different tries I managed to pack the game in a way that is acceptable. There is still anti-virus scanning but this time everything is clean and, once scanned, game is not being scanned again, so it’s o.k.
The game now has a starter window that features three different game-start mods: start with newest ReShade v4.3.0, legacy ReShade v2.0.3 (if there’s a problem with starting the game or low fps problems) and a game with no post-processing effects (best possible fps for older computers).
Starter window also has links to AC website, Ambiera forum & a window with latest AC news from the website.
This solution is not ideal but it will have to do for now, until I figure out a better approach.
Game can now be downloaded again from Aziella website :)

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