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XYZ co-ordinates in front
Author Text

2019-09-11 01:56:08


Was wondering how to calculate just the distance in front of the player position only (not to the side) based on the X & Z target co-ordinates & perhaps position also.

I notice how both X & Z change when I move the mouse up and down depending on the direction of the player - for the target co-ordinates.

This is my code so far but it puts items in front but also to the side - not always only in front:

var posn = ccbGetSceneNodeProperty(player, "Position");
var targ = ccbGetSceneNodeProperty(player, "Target");

var distX = ((targ.x - posn.x) * 0.04);
var distY = (targ.y - posn.y);
var distZ = ((targ.z - posn.z) * 0.04);

ccbSetSceneNodeProperty(clone, "Position", posn.x+distX, posn.y+distY, posn.z+distZ);

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