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Free town simulation example CCB!
Author Text

Registered User
2019-09-11 06:47:50

This is a project I am working on just for my own fun. And since I know it can go miles, I decided to share with you all to get you inspired too.

npcs roam on the sidewalk, others are riding a bus with music playing inside the bus!

features lots of 3D ambient sounds for both day and night

I started out using this ccb for seeing and enjoying in 3D, the hundreds of town (cube/plane) models I have made using CraftStudio, for the upcoming Minecraft killer Hytale. But since it is taking so long to release, I decided to convert it to this in the meanwhile.

wasd - move
Shift - run like Superman
E - fly up
Q - fly down.
2 - change to night sky.
L - turn lights on
Ctrl - pick up special wandering npc named "fafa"
R - release fafa
C - ask fafa to follow
G - tell fafa to beat it
7 - ask fafa to change clothing
* go into the moving bus to ride
4 - switch first person view
3 - switch 3rd person view

Note: this is how I'd like all npcs to behave, but it seems I will have to manually do a lot of work renaming variables for each npc, because the code for one cannot independently work for another, since the same name variable is copied over.

NEEDS: If you happen to know how to fix or fix one of the following the experience will be much better/more enjoyable!

1- the game uses the day/night cycle. It's awesome, but I'd love to have actions to change the skybox to night, play night sounds and move off daytime nodes when night comes. So if you know how...

2- when riding the bus, suddenly the camera starts shaking a lot. If you happen to know why, I'd love to know!

Have fun! ːsteamhappyː

here is the executable to quiclky play:

Here are the extensions I use:

Here are the sounds:

on my website I also have some nice retro gaming stuff! check it out at:

Registered User
2019-09-11 09:56:10

Looks very nice and smart

Registered User
2019-09-13 03:41:38

Unfortunately most of the textures are blank for my pc... And sound doesnt play up in the exe... It does play in the editor..but not in the actual game...

All seems some black billboards... Idk why its happening..

Registered User
2019-09-13 19:53:48

Does the sound play in the editor?

I will double check the exe (download and test to see about the bllboards if they weren't corrupted or something and the sounds)

The billboards are there just so you can replace it with you own in the editor anyhows! ;D.

In the case the sound does not play in the editor, let me know and I will pack and include the sounds to the download.
Thanks for reporting!

Registered User
2019-09-19 16:12:45

Just uploaded a significant update today, including the extensions and sounds I've used, so you have no problems with the file! all the links are all in the main post above. enjoy!

Registered User
2019-09-27 05:57:10

Cool !

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