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Progress is slow
Author Text

2019-10-27 23:52:29

Hey folks, I revamped my forums


Create Groups
Friend Requests
Live Chat
Clan Creation for those who play games.
Added more coppercube resources.
Linked neophyte and other resources.

The end goal is to create a place whereby people from all over the world can share their coppercube games, stories and projects.

The new forums look really nice, but there is tons of work to do...

For those of you who knew of Marsh Town Madness.

Well this is eventually going to be the revamp of that website.

Packed full of far more features.

However, this project is progressing slowly as I am bogged down with real world work.

But for now, check out the completely rebuilt forums. There is also a multiplayer template there that I built for download...But it is super buggy and incomplete.

Registered User
2019-10-28 18:26:22

Yhea! was looking at the site, looks good. Lots of coppercube resources. Will definitely drop by when I can. Coppercube in my opinion is the easiest and most straight forward game engine out there.



2019-10-28 18:41:27

Many thanks...

I will keep working on it in my spare time...which at the moment is not great...but, by pacing myself, I can produce something of value...

Going to see whether I can upload one or two things this evening and tweek the website

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